Special Success Stories


Merlin was rescued from neglect in January 2017. His rescuer, Daisy, knew that he needed immediate help when his "caretakers" told her that they were waiting for 13 year old Merlin to die. Not being fed will do that to you. His bloodwork showed that he was in excellent health.
Thank you to Daisy and Diane for being Merlin's angels, and South Seattle Vet for caring for him while he was hospitalized for two nights early on.
Foster mom Diane spent two months helping him heal and feel secure…and decided to adopt him, allowing him to be safe—and well fed—for the rest of his life.

Pixie and Roland

Got a call about a kitten (left)...when I arrived I thought she was dead as she was just lying still on the porch...
Got her eyes cleaned up and gave her some fluids, feed her and gave her the vaporizer treatment. Then we went to find and trap her brother...
They both did well, and have found their forever homes.


Kitty was another rescued from neglect. This poor girl tolerated being tube fed four times daily and six medications—for 3 weeks!. With the addition of an anti-nausea medication she was no longer vomiting…This is what happens when your cat doesn't eat for an extended amount of time and you do nothing about it (fatty liver).
Kitty was fortunate to be able to go see Dr. Lena at the Kingdom of Basil for acupuncture. Barb discovered that Kitty likes to eat grass. It took a while, but Kitty finally started to eat food on her own again. The vets that treated her fell in love and adopted her.


In the spring of 2016 we received a call about a stray mother cat with three tiny kittens under a porch in West Seattle. When we went to the home to investigate and make a plan, we noticed right away that there was a problem with the mother cat's eyes...
Traps were set and one by one the kittens and mom were caught. We were thrilled to find that momma cat was friendly. The family went into foster care and the kittens were soon adopted.
Momma cat, now named Plum, saw the wonderful doctors at The Animal Eye Clinic, who treated her for eyelid agenesis (partially missing eyelids). Plum was also found to have no vision in one badly deformed eye.
She then moved to another foster home and was adopted by her latest foster mother who reports that "Plum is the best cat and loves everyone."


Crumple was trapped early March 2016 as part of a TNR effort. This poor fellow has been through the ringer—badly mite damaged ears and a corneal ulcer…and was found to be TAME!
He went to South Seattle Veterinary Hospital, where xrays showed bronchitis, which was treated with antibiotics. His blood work results show FIV+. Nothing can be done about damage to his right eye. It is scar tissue. He was a really good fellow through all of the poking and prodding! He got a dental once his bronchitis cleared up—had 3 teeth pulled... and is now doing very well in his forever home with Sierra.


John (named for his rescuer.) came to us July 29, 2014—in very bad shape—after we got a call about a cat in the crawl space of a house that was being renovated. His owners had moved some time ago…he would not have made it another day in the Seattle heatwave that summer.
He was severely dehydrated and so weak he could not lift his head, so we were not even sure at that time if he was friendly or feral. We gave him fluids, and made a trip to the vet the next morning. Original blood work came back showing a massive infection, kidney issues…yet, after two weeks of daily sub-q fluids, a week of antibiotics, and basic food/water, John's blood work came back normal!!
In foster care, he was offered many different foods to eat. It was discovered that he was friendly—but opinionated—and loved Temptation cat treats. How we wished that they had more than the 2 calories advertised as this is all John ate for weeks.
It was incredible watching him come back to life. He made an amazing recovery! He is an extremely fluffy guy, especially on his back end and tail—he has one of the most incredible tails and set of bloomers ever.
After he was fully recovered, John was adopted and had a happy life for 1.5 years until his owner had to give him back to us due to financial struggles. John tried one more home before coming back to us for a full year. Finally in January of 2017 he was adopted by his foster mom, Justinia, for what looks to be a forever home.