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Board of Directors:

Marianne Hudson, President / Volunteer / Foster Care / Cleaning

I began volunteering with Friends of the Animals Foundation back in 1998. At that point Stacy Young was running a new cat rescue group from her home on Beach Drive. It was an unnamed group. I remember brainstorming names and we came up with West Seattle Cat Rescue (WSCR). WSCR soon grew into Friends of the Animals Foundation. I became president of FAF in the fall of 2009.

I began as a foster parent and cat box cleaning volunteer. I was feeding the stray cats in my Leschi and Central District neighborhoods, and when two grew to eight it was clear that they needed more than food. This led to TNR of the ferals, taming the kittens, and managing several colonies. I have continued to do this work through the years as I moved from neighborhood to neighborhood.

I have worked full-time as an elementary school teacher in the Seattle School District while volunteering with FAF. A typical day for me includes caring for my own cats and fosters, teaching, returning phone calls to foster parents, potential adopters, and people needing help with strays, placing their cats, or feral colonies, taking cats to the veterinarian or to Lynnwood for spay and neuter services, doing adoptions and follow up phone calls, and checking on the cats available for adoption at Next to Nature.

I am grateful to our wonderful and dedicated volunteers, adopters, and donors, without whom, none of this lifesaving work would be possible.

Courtney Carpenter, Secretary / Volunteer / Foster Care

I volunteer because ... I'm an empty nester that doesn't need more than my one cat and one dog (my husband Dave would have a fit). Since I seem to be in a grandmother mode - without actually having any - fostering felines is a good void filler.

I live in West Seattle and Next to Nature is easy and convenient. I like FAF because it has a good mission without a lot of animal rights ideology behind it and it's run on a "wing and a prayer" (ie: Marianne) which really appreciates everything that each of us can do to help.

Every effort we all do really shows and ultimately benefits the kitties.

Barb Schriebe, Vice President / Volunteer

Cheryl Obert, Treasurer / Volunteer

Volunteers and Foster Homes:

James Bauer and Grace Hwang, Foster Care

Nancy Beckett, Volunteer / Cleaning

Kelly Carroll, Volunteer / Laundry

David Clarke, Volunteer / Cleaning

Megan Dahl, Volunteer / Cleaning

Jessica Daiker, Volunteer / Cleaning

Stephanie Gaudet, Volunteer / Cleaning

Holly Geisenhoff, Volunteer / Cleaning

I am a CPA working as an accountant for Nordstrom. Originally from Idaho, I have been a resident of West Seattle for over 5 years. I have a wonderful husband Justin, a dog Emmy, and my cat from FAF, Max. 

I started volunteering with FAF approximately 2 months ago because I adopted my cat from FAF and it was such a wonderful experience. I wanted to be a part of a local rescue organization primarily supported by volunteers that I could see first hand was making a difference in my local community.

Leah Glauber, Volunteer / Cleaning

Sasha Goodwin, Volunteer / Cleaning

Tahir Haseebullah, Volunteer / Cleaning

Thyrza Hess, Volunteer / Foster Care

I began to help FAF with updating the Petfinder website and doing some odd technical jobs. I love to help out whenever I can!

I like to think of myself as a Momma Cat ... I foster mostly kittens with the goal of raising them to become happy healthy pets. While kittens are what I primarily work with, I also take in cases that need 24 hour care and supervision. This includes momma cats or any cat that has a severe medical condition.

I rescue cats because I cannot stand seeing suffering from creatures we have bred to be our companions.

Beth Hunt, Volunteer / Cleaning

Nina and Greg Israel, Volunteer / Cleaning

Amber Kennedy, Volunteer / Cleaning

Kathryn “Kate” Lorenzini, Volunteer / Foster Care / Cleaning

I have been volunteering with FAF for close to a year with my boyfriend Nick. We have fostered 3 cats over the year, and clean cages every other Friday night.

I have also made some one-of-a-kind, hearty, reversible, tote bags from recycled FAF t-shirts and durable cotton woven material. My goods are called "Cat out of the Bag".

Nick Marianetti, Volunteer / Cleaning

Malinda McMinn, Volunteer / Cleaning

Renee Ragaza-Miller, Volunteer / Photographer / Cleaning

I've adopted 3 wonderful cats from FAF over the years, Wilson 1/2001 (R.I.P.), Tank and Ginger 11/2004. My cats have given me such joy that I wanted to give back to the organization and what better way to do that is to volunteer my time. I've been a volunteer since 11/2009 and I love every minute of it. Animals (especially cats) have a very special place in my heart and I feel my job is to make the cats' transition from dire straits to a loving forever home less stressful by giving them what they need - a clean litter box, a warm place to sleep, food, water, a toy or two to play with and lots of love and attention.

Outside of volunteering for FAF, I work as an HR Specialist at a non-profit community clinic on Capitol Hill and for a creative outlet I take photos and help my husband produce independent short films.

Andrea Nauss, Volunteer / Laundry

Michelle Brown Prater, Volunteer / Cleaning

Marcy & Avery Rebar, Volunteer / Cleaning

Faith and Isabella Renz, Volunteer / Cleaning

Alessio Roic, Volunteer / Cleaning

Leslie Sierra, Volunteer / Design, Print, Web

Owner, Creative, and Project Coordinator: Sierra Design Solutions and a Constant Contact Solutions Provider. I have 2 cats: Turbo and Alice, 2 “foster cats” Spatz and Lene, and a few neighborhood cats we keep an eye on & feed.

I adopted Alice from FAF in 2006 and I began regularly volunteering in late 2009. I had noticed their website disappeared (and did not seem current before that), so offered to help them with that. It has long been my company policy to work pro bono for one non-profit organization, and encourage my colleagues to do the same. A colleague (Lori Kim Designs) designed the new logo, and updated the brochure and business/info card FAF uses.

Cats have always held a special place in my heart and life. We have several “neighborhood kitties” that all seem to find their way to my door. I sometimes get the feeling they spread the word. Knowing how hard Marianne works - the time, energy, and money she puts into this - moved me to want to help. Also meeting Pam (FCAT) who Marianne often works with in rescues...same thing...you can not know these two women and not be moved to join them.

Mindy Stensaas, Volunteer / Foster Care / Laundry

I work for a Redmond company on their help desk. We have 3 cats, a gecko, turtle, and a rabbit.

My son is the one that started our volunteering. He has always had a soft spot for animals, little kids and old people. I wanted to foster that with doing ‘something’ ... besides the typical parent help out stuff, sports, school, band, scouts, etc.

We saw a sign at Next to Nature asking for volunteers for laundry, fostering, etc. Not able to make a daily commitment of cage cleaning, we first signed up for laundry. Then we became foster kittie parents. Since September 2009 we have been foster kittie parents, and whenever by Next to Nature we check the laundry.

I like watching the changes in the foster kitties from when we first get them to when they go to the store, getting updates on when they are adopted and the type of people/families that adopt them. I have learned that there is a cat for everyone’s needs!

Thru doing the fostering our family has become closer and more of a team. My husband was not into the fostering at first and I was questioned daily with ‘how long are they going to be here’. He was worried that he and my son were going to become attached and he kept his distance. Now he is very involved on a daily basis. Checks the food, the water, wrangles the herd in the crate at night and really shows patience with the kitties that have no idea what a human is!

My son and his friends are the ‘workout kids’, playing with them (exercise) and bonding. We each have our job to do and each of us always has our favorite kittie personalities so it really comes together. Now when we don’t have any at our house the husband asks ‘when will we get more!’

Casey Stensaas, Volunteer

7th grade student, Boy scout, Lacrosse player GO HIGHLINE! I've done Forest maintenance with school and volunteering in Boy Scouts. We have 3 cats, a gecko, turtle, and a rabbit.

I wanted to volunteer because I love animals. My mom and I started with the laundry but it quickly turned into foster parenting September 2009.

What I like best about volunteering with FAF is seeing all the types of cats.

My suggestion is make sure you don’t have rizzy curtains or furniture in the room where you are going to foster kittens. Kittens love to climb EVERYTHING!

Laura Sinai, Volunteer / Cleaning

Lissa Stephens, Volunteer / Laundry

Jeannie Warner, Volunteer / Cleaning

Veda Williams, Volunteer / Cleaning / Listserv Mgr

Rosemary Woods, Volunteer / Cleaning

Zaara “Kittenchops”, Volunteer / Cleaning

More Volunteers: Samantha (Sam), Sage, Erica, Emma, Kelly, Megan, Stephanie, Sylvia, Terese

and ALWAYS a huge THANK YOU! to all our volunteers--past and present--we’re able to accomplish great things because of you!


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