Here you will find some resources for discounts, assistance, and reading to help you learn more and make educated decisions on everything from adopting and fostering to feeding and more.

Learn More - Get More - Give More

PetFinder Good information on choosing the right pet, Adoption-vs-Free Pets, and more. Also a great series of articles on Fostering: Eight Reasons You Can Foster a Pet -- Even If You Think You Can't (series of 11 articles including Before, FAQ, How to Prepare, Fostering Nursing Moms & Orphaned Kittens, Socialization)

Nature’s Variety Did you know that your cat is an obligate carnivore? That means she needs more meat in her diet – not grain or fillers. Sign up for their “News and Promotions” to receive discounts on quality food.

Interesting Reading

A feline lifeline?

Owning a cat is linked to lower risk of heart attack

Adopting a new pet?

Pets are wonderful companions, providing a lifetime of fun and requiring a lifetime of care and commitment. At The Animal Rescue Site, we want to provide resources to help you and your pet get off to a great start together. The following are several informative articles that can help you choose, care for, and understand your pet.

Cat Shelters - Links to Building or Buying Them

Every year as the weather starts to turn cooler, we start to think about providing shelter for free roaming cats. Here are some resources for building or buying shelters.

Alley Cat Allies

a list of several options from Ready Made to Build your own (Easy | Moderate | Advanced)

All About Spay Neuter

links to ready made and do-it-yourself options (the link to "Shelters for Special Situations" has photos and instructions for some good ideas/options)

It also has a link to's "Roughneck Homes" Program

The Roughneck Homes Program  offers access to wholesale pricing on 2 of the most popular Rubbermaid Totes used for creating safe feral cat shelters. The site also has instructions on building "Roughneck Homes" and links to other sites for building shelters

The Wild Ones built one with 'raccoon-proofing' in mind

As you can see from many of these sites, the tote type shelter is very common: Humane Society of Hobart

Outdoor Pet House has prebuilt options (located in Bellingham, WA they offer FREE shipping on all houses)

Of course is always a good resource:

Winter Care and Safety the shelter link in this article is broken …

Thanks to everyone on the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project's group page for all the input and feedback during the fall/winter months when the need is most urgent.

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