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Devoted to the Rescue, Care, and Adoption

of Cats and Kittens

We adopted out 98 cats in 2014, down from 2013, but adult cat numbers were up. Over 25% of our adoptions were adult cats.  We ended the year by adopting out two very special ones, Midge and John. There were fewer kittens in 2013 and they came later. Hopefully the focus on spaying and neutering is finally paying off.

We still have cats and kittens in foster care and available for adoption. You see them on our Petfinder page and at select speciality pet stores like The Whole Cat and Kaboodle and Mud Bay during adoption events. Follow us on Facebook for time and location of events.

We continue to work with caretakers to TNR cats and place the feral kittens into foster care for adoption once tamed. We are continually in need of volunteers ad foster homes to help.

Please join us!


Friends of the Animals Foundation (FAF) is an all-volunteer organization that helps to rescue many cats from otherwise bleak and short lives. The cats we rescue come from all kinds of situations: abandoned, abused, unloved, and unwanted. FAF gets them the vet care they need and fosters them for as long as necessary until they can find loving permanent homes.

Since FAF began in 1997, we have placed over 4,000 cats and kittens into safe and loving homes. We have a wide variety of programs that benefit cats and we need your help to continue to be successful. Together we can make a difference!

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  1. We need more foster homes! Click here to see all opportunities to help.

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