FAF: History and Mission


Since FAF began in 1997, we have placed over 4,000 cats and kittens into safe and loving homes. We are an all-volunteer organization.

Our mission is to foster greater compassion for animals by example and through education.

Our primary goals are:

1) To reduce the number of animals abandoned, homeless, or killed until they all have a loving forever home.

2) To educate the community by providing information concerning

  1. The right of animals to a life free of abuse or neglect

  2. The resources that are available to those with a limited income

  3. Volunteer opportunities to rescue, care for, and foster pets

  4. The sad realities of failing to spay/neuter pets, and the plight of shelters

  5. The steps to take BEFORE bringing a pet into your life

What We’ve Accomplished

2014: We adopted out 98 cats in 2014, down from 2013, but adult cat numbers were up.  Over 25% of our adoptions were adult cats.  We ended the year by adopting out two very special ones, Midge and John.  There were fewer kittens in 2013 and they came later.  Hopefully the focus on spaying and neutering is finally paying off.

2012: FAF was able to help at two adjoining addresses in the Highland Park area of West Seattle this spring. A total of five feral female cats, all nursing were TNR'd. One male cat was also altered. 11 kittens were trapped and put into foster care. The kittens were all able to find new homes after they were spayed/neutered.

FAF and FCAT trapped 12 feral and one friendly cat living on the property of a home in Skyway. All were spayed/neutered and returned.  FAF delivers 50 lbs of cat food monthly so the family is able to feed the cats healthy food, not rice as they had been eating. FCAT provided a huge Dogloo for shelter.

We received a call about hungry kittens at a property in Burien.  We were able to TNR four adult cats on the property. Seven very sick kittens were put into foster care first with FCAT and then an FAF foster home. All seven are now healthy, altered, and looking for new homes. FAF and FCAT were able to provide shelter to the remaining four cats. The elderly, disabled caretaker was very thankful.

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Volunteers Make Us Who We Are!

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What Others Say About Us


“Friends of the Animals Foundation is an all-volunteer organization based in West Seattle and devoted to cat rescue and foster care. A small organization with a big heart they have taken on some large projects:

  1. The rescue of cats abandoned after the closing down of the Highline Housing Project (you have no idea how many cats that is, and all trapped behind chain link fencing with no access to food or water)

  2. The 15 outdoor cats left with no one to care for their needs when the kind person who had been feeding them was permanently hospitalized

  3. Rescue then also entailed medical care for the cats that survived the attack of a neighbor's dog (the shelter and the plight of these cats were featured on local news)

A high level of care such as this is not inexpensive, so please support this very fine local rescue organization. Your financial contribution is important to the care of these cats.”

Friends of the Animals Foundation

started  July 1997

location  West Seattle, WA

Purpose  cat rescue, care, adoption

organization  501c3 nonprofit

Contact Us

  1. P O Box 16308

  2. Seattle, WA 98116

  3. (206) 719-4864

  4. info@fafseattle.org

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